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Mar 2008, Found Unicima Chengdu with Japanese Unicima Co., Ltd.

May 2008, successfully R&D UF Series ball valve.

Aug 2008, ISO 9001 of DNV (DET NORSKE VERITAS) certified

May 2009,  API 6D (6D-0882) Certified.

July 2009, successfully R&D UF & UT Series metal seated ball valve

Sept 2009, LR API607 Fire safe test certified.

Aug 2010, Special Equipments Manufacture License of P. R. China certified

Aug 2011, Patent Cert. -Plate Pigging Valve

Aug 2012, SGS high temperature testing certified

Feb 2013, successfully R&D special graphite high temperature ball valve

Aug 2014, successfully R&D high temp & pressure trunnion metal seated ball valve

May 2015, CE/PED of DNV Certified


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